Super Bowl Recipes – Leave it to the Pros

The Super Bowl is upon us. Any of you that watch ESPN have known that for two weeks now (with wall-to-wall coverage that practically suffocates you). That’s just because this is the BIG Game. That one time of the year that shines above the rest for two reasons…

FOOD. and. COMMERCIALS. (recipes after the jump)

The obligatory football game aside, the Super Bowl is all about the party. Make sure your party is stocked up right this year. Whether you’re making a tasty hot beer cheese dip  or buying a  Liscio’s Party Platter  (makes life so much easier), we are here to help you out!

Check out this great slideshow Food & Wine created with some unique selections. If the meatball sub with provolone interests you, we might suggest laying those orbs of meaty love on our Nicki roll, which can be found at any ACME if you don’t live near any of our locations.

And the bacon-wrapped hot dogs would also be nicely complemented by our special hot dog rolls (which are used by many classic hot dog shops around Philly). There are many appealing recipes to be found on this slideshow that would go really well on Liscio’s bread.

Well enough talking, check ‘em out!

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